Holiday Hours

***Holiday Hours***

Friday, December 26th     –     8am – 12 Noon

Saturday, December 27th     –     8am – 12 Noon

Wednesday, December 31st     –     8am – 12 Noon

Thursday, January 1st      –     CLOSED

Friday, January 2nd     –     8am – 5pm

Flu Vaccines Are In

Quadrivalent / Preservative-Free Flu Shots and FluMist* Available

-flu SHOTS are currently out of stock  /  flu MIST available-

Call today to schedule an appointment!

(512) 255-7337


Flu Vaccine Information

Flu Vaccine Information Sheet

Your child must be current with their well check to receive any vaccinations, including the influenza vaccine.

FluMist* may be available for your child. Call the clinic with any questions or to set up an appointment.

Read more from the CDC website about the 2014-15 flu season here.


*FluMist only while supplies last or unless contraindicated.

Shot Record Reminders

Please be aware that we do ask for 24 hours to prepare shot records.

We get many dozen requests for shot records every day. We do need a signed release form to release any medical records, including shot records.

You can download the form here.

Please fax it to 512-828-0451.

Make sure to indicate where you want us to send the form and we need a handwritten signature.

Thank you for your understanding!