How many times have you and your children washed your hands today?

In any group setting like school or daycare, the single most effective way to reduce risk of sickness and infection is hand hygiene. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, “adherence to good hand-hygiene techniques has consistently demonstrated a reduction in disease transmission.”

All day your children are constantly exposed to bacteria and viruses. While hand washing is the single most effective prevention method, studies show that most people do not have good hand washing skills.

Proper Hand Washing Steps:

Wet hands

Apply soap

Rub hands vigorously together making sure to cover all surface area

Scrub together 10 – 15 seconds

Rinse completely


According to the Centers for Disease Control, studies have shown that antibacterial soaps are no better at washing away germs than regular soap, and that antibacterial soaps can even wash away good bacteria, increasing the chances of getting sick. The CDC suggests using warm water and a clean bar of regular soap on your child’s hands.